Revisiting The Cheesesteak Scale

A long time ago, as for many youths that just don’t know any better, things were very black and white for me. Right or wrong. Love it or hate it. If it wasn’t one thing it HAD to be the other.

There was one exception however… When I decided to implement the Mr. Joe’s cheesesteak scale.

mr-joes-logo_fullThe scale was a place I could visit and revisit to rate things that I encountered in my life to that point in time. What can I say? The high school version of myself channeled effort and time into a needless and imaginary, yet almost mythical scale.

The apex of the Mr. Joe’s cheesesteak scale was a Mr. Joe’s cheesesteak. It stood on the scale as a 15. If something else were to be awarded a 15, it would be the highest honor possible. Those close to me that are aware of the cheesesteak scale already know, but while in operation I never handed out another 15. Let me say that again, apparently according to myself, NOTHING in my life was equal to or greater than the consumption of a Mr. Joe’s cheesesteak.

I really can’t go into too much detail about the scale itself because I don’t remember what all got rated. There are only two facts I can remember, and I told you one of them already about giving nothing else a 15. The second fact is the reason why I stopped rating things on the scale. When I actually rated a person (who shall remain nameless) on the cheesesteak scale that was the beginning of the end of the scale.

It didn’t sink into my head at first what I had actually done when I did it. But to rate a person a 7 on a scale that was premised around a cheesesteak being a 15. It was just wrong. In every way. Shortly after this ranking occurred the cheesesteak scale was retired.

There is one burning bright spot regarding the list. And it’s probably the only reason I bring mention of the scale back here on MHB. I could totally go for a Mr. Joe’s cheesesteak right about now. The cheesesteak/milkshake combo is beyond legit!

So when you’re hungry and don’t know where to go – eat at Mr. Joe’s.

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