Whirlwinds & Zombies

Man, craziness going down with me lately. Losing job (Blue Ridge), filling in at a job (RVD), filing for unemployment, then finding a job (FedEx). I’m hoping the FedEx gig can/will be a longer term solution. But only time will time if I get retained after the Christmas season package delivering madness. Throw in Mackenzie’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and my wifey’s birthday and it has officially been huge whirlwind in the Horn household. 

So hopefully you can understand… All this stuff going on has caused a bit of a gap inbetween posts. I ALMOST didn’t have time to fit a post in before the end of November here in 2016. Which would have been a MHB catastrophe! 
Since the start of this blog in August of 2011, I’ve posted at least 1 post a month for the duration of MHB with the exception of 1 month – October 2011. 

You’ve heard about the whirlwind, now to the zombie part. 😮

Literally over the span of a week, I was able to attain Liliana, the Last Hope in MTG puzzle quest and pull a Liliana, the Last Hope out of a Eldritch Moon fat pack.  And if any of you crazies know anything about this Planeswalker, then you know that she deals in zombies. Lots of them! Adding a card such as this one to my zombie commander deck could only be a good thing. But, I have to admit that I’m torn some. This card is currently hovering around $40. Which is normally a pretty good sign to sell. 

What to do, what to do?? The struggle is real. 

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