“We Fantasize”

2016 is literally winding down here and I can’t believe it. Going into 2016 Christina and I were expecting a babe due May 31… now heading into 2017 Tristan is here, 7 months old and learning to crawl. Unreal. 

But that’s old news. I want to unveil something with a new vibe for the new year. And it isn’t a resolution, I know most people are looking for resolutions right about now. At this point, I do not have one. Maybe before 2016 ends something will come to me and I’ll make one. But I’m not pressing the issue. 

So, my goal for 2017: I want to take the steps towards acquiring and executing everything needed to have a fully functional podcast! And the name of this podcast – We Fantasize. 

The content of the We Fantasize podcast will be a conglomerate of things ranging from fantasy baseball to fantasy tv like Game of Thrones, but I don’t want to spoil it by revealing everything today. I gotta keep some mystic around this puppy. Lol. But rest assure, steps are being taken to solidify a core structure for the show. I’m just working out the kinks. 

Until then… Happy 2017 from MHB!!

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