Had A Weird Snake Dream Last Night.

That’s a huge snake!!

This dream is way out there. It’s mostly weird with a big pinch of sad mixed in. I felt the need to recount this dream on MHB and share it with the masses. Especially since I did not post anything during Jan 2017, the first month I’ve failed to post anything since Oct 2012.

Some people have told me it’s kinda crazy that I can recall the details of my dreams as clearly as I do. But I don’t dream all the time when I sleep… so maybe my dream power gets all saved up for one or two detailed dreams a month? Hard to say anything for sure. 

But let’s get to the dream…

(I’m outside on a sunny day and there is a sense of panic among the handful of people within my sight line.)

I’m looking around and I can’t seem to locate anyone I know. Not sure if they let me here by myself or if they’re still here and blended in with the small rush of people around me? 

I have no clue why people are walking with haste or running. Next thing I know, I see my brother and grandma in the cemetery about 40 yards away. I ran to them. They were crazy worried. They lost track of my dad. With my grandma needing a walker to keep her balance, her pace was greatly slowed through the grass in the cemetery. 

Brian thought he saw my dad, he said he was going to run over to see if it was him. I look to my grandma and she’s so worried. She says, “if one of those snakes get too close to me I won’t have a chance.” I was confused. 

Apparently there had been over 1,000 snakes dropped from planes flying over the town and that is what was causing the panic. 

With Brian and my dad nowhere in sight, I start helping my grandma through the grassy cemetery, not exactly sure where we were headed. Next thing I know, there is a HUGE rattlesnake to our left, about 10 yards away from us. It spooked my grandma and I. We didn’t really have anything to defend ourselves with or a place to hide. The snake lunged from about 5 yards away and bit my grandma. She fell to the ground crying for help. I look around for someone to help us, as I look back, the snake had already started to eat her. I could only see from her shoulders down. 

I was furious. At the snake, at my dad and Brian for not being there to help, at myself for seemingly doing nothing to save my grandma. I started to run. 

Now I’m inside. And I’m brain storming how to get as many centaurs gathered as I possibly can as quickly as possible. 

These centaurs were immune to these boa-like rattlesnake’s venom. They were natural predators of choice to combat against these god awful snakes…

-End of dream-

I wake up, look to see what time it is on my phone. And then do something I never thought I’d do. I search this on my phone…

That is how my day started today. I have no clue as to what it means so I thought I’d share it here to see if there are any opinions that might help me out. 

And for those might ask, my grandma is fine. She turned 86 on Monday. 👍🏻👍🏻

2 thoughts on “Had A Weird Snake Dream Last Night.

  1. Centaurs? Johnny sees much. But he did not see that one coming. Although he sees a sequel coming out next year based on this dream: “Snakes from a Plane.” This just in: Samuel L. Jackson already said no… To quote him exactly, “No. No, Mutha f*#&!%, no.”

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