My 2017 Fantasy Baseball Team Has Arrived

The 3 month break between the end of fantasy football and the beginning of fantasy baseball is always a welcome one once the end of December rolls around. This year, for some unknown reason, the off-time has felt a bit longer. Maybe cause I’ve been too busy running myself to a pulp with my new job that I haven’t even given fantasy a thought? Who can know such things? Lol!

Either way…. fantasy baseball 2017 is finally on our doorstep. This past Sunday, my 16 team 8×8 rotisserie held it’s draft and the teams have been assembled. I don’t typically worry about the draft. I feel pretty confident most years because I prep for it. This year was different in that sense because the only prep work I did was about 90 mins long the night before the draft.


Riding with Miggy in 2017.


My original game plan kind of went up in smoke before I drafted my first player (was targeting Charlie Blackmon and Joey Votto with my first 2 picks at 14 & 19). Blackmon went 9th overall. So I flipped the script a little and took Miggy and Starling Marte at 14 & 19… I hope they become bankable building blocks for my team to lean on. I really did believe that Blackmon and Votto would easily fall to me. I was shell-shocked when my plan was thwarted before it even started. I like where I stand with Cabrera/Marte, it just doesn’t feel as safe to me as my first plan. I guess the most worrisome part of this new plan is just Miguel Cabrera’s health. Obviously the dude is a HOF’er when he decides to call it a day, but an injury riddled Cabrera would devastate my chances of a 2017 fantasy championship run.

So everyone, gather round and pray for Cabrera’s health to stay in tact, so that the Union Wings can taste that sweet 1st place glory once again.

(Side note: my team is named after Union Station’s spicy ranch wings. Those things are so delish, I had to pay homage to them with my team’s name this season.)      :0

One thought on “My 2017 Fantasy Baseball Team Has Arrived

  1. Miggy and Votto would have been a legendary obp crushing start. Wish you would have stuck to the script and had the double 1B combo like I did last year with Goldy and Freddie. It’s a nice cornerstone.

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