Suit, Tie, and MLB Hat

Suit-Tie-Hat-Combo2018 is upon us. And before we know it, fantasy baseball 2018 will be slapping us in the face the morning of the draft telling us to get up and get ready! When you do, I’m urging you to get ready with style.

I had an idea a few weeks ago about setting up a Suit, Tie, and MLB hat event. Where all the league managers would be invited to get together 2 weeks before the draft on March 3rd dressed in whatever scheme suit, tie, and MLB hat of choice to reveal the draft order and also designate keepers. Making it a sweet event for everyone to enjoy ramping up for the upcoming draft. But now that we’re gonna determine the draft order as soon as the league opens in mid-February, the timetable I originally had in mind won’t work out.


I was hoping that when Rigg gets the draft together for this season, whoever decides to join us on draft day, chooses to dress in style! Suit. Tie. MLB Hat.

100% sure Rigg, B. Horn, and I will be there dressed to the nines for the draft. You should too.

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