The Road To KISS

I got a message today from a good friend and fellow blogger reminding me to check his latest post about when “the rock chick” disappeared? LOL!!!! It definitely was interesting, but more importantly it shined a glaring light on the fact I haven’t posted anything since my birthday in April. I decided that had to change immediately…. so here we are. If you haven’t heard … Continue reading The Road To KISS

Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley Cover Fire And Water By Free

As a KISS fan I tend to keep my ear to the ground when any of the guys do something I might be interested in. So when I heard that Ace was releasing an album of covers in April, I was somewhat intrigued. Though Ace has done multiple covers since his KISS days, there was one track in particular that caught most KISS fans attention … Continue reading Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley Cover Fire And Water By Free

MHB’s Tom Petty Questionnaire

The next entry into MHB’s exploratory band-themed blogs is here! And Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers are up. -Welcome to the Tom Petty Questionnaire- I was bouncing ideas off my oft-times blog idea collaborator, one Mr. Nate Gold Fish, about a Tom Petty blog I wanted to put together where he and a bunch of my close friends could all get in on the action. … Continue reading MHB’s Tom Petty Questionnaire