The Road To KISS

I got a message today from a good friend and fellow blogger reminding me to check his latest post about when “the rock chick” disappeared? LOL!!!! It definitely was interesting, but more importantly it shined a glaring light on the fact I haven’t posted anything since my birthday in April. I decided that had to change immediately…. so here we are. If you haven’t heard … Continue reading The Road To KISS

Whirlwinds & Zombies

Man, craziness going down with me lately. Losing job (Blue Ridge), filling in at a job (RVD), filing for unemployment, then finding a job (FedEx). I’m hoping the FedEx gig can/will be a longer term solution. But only time will time if I get retained after the Christmas season package delivering madness. Throw in Mackenzie’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and my wifey’s birthday and it has officially … Continue reading Whirlwinds & Zombies