Fish w/ Horns

Left to Right: Nate Fischer, Matt Horn, and Brian Horn

Fish w/ Horns was born on a breezy (some might say window rattling), bitterly cold February day in 2012. It’s still undetermined whether the windows were rattling due to the howling winds that day, or the epic sound FwH discovered? I’m leaning towards the latter.

The first practices were held in the dinning room of Matt & Christina Horn’s new-found home in Columbia, PA. The purpose was simple: To play live music at some point during Matt & Christina’s wedding in September 2013.

Let me introduce the members…

The Bassman – Mr. Nate “Aquaman” Fischer, the unprecedented genius that makes the gears within FwH turn, is also the genius who came up with the band’s name. In lieu of a drummer, Fish’s bass is the heartbeat that brings the FwH sound to life.

The Mic Man – Matt Horn, aka “Supes”, is the predominant vocal in FwH. I’m the only member of FwH with prior experience playing live music (from July ’04 to Feb ’05). Playing music for my wedding was the goal I brought to the table. And I’m thankful the Bassman and Guitarman helped me realize that dream.

The Guitarman – No nickname or superhero name is really needed here. Though Brian is pictured in the Green Arrow shirt above… B. Horn and his guitar give the FwH sound the growl. Since the very first practice, Brian & Fish’s backing vocals have bolstered almost every FwH chorus. B. Horn suggested the first cover song to tackle with Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and it has become one of the most fun and complete songs in the FwH catalog.

As the story goes (due to my preference), FwH ended up playing the night before the wedding at the wedding rehearsal dinner on September 5, 2013. The day of the dinner, with B. Horn still at work and Fish and I each battling colds/sore throats, Nate and myself met for a sound check in Maytown (about 15 mins outside of Columbia) about 6 hours before showtime. We played through the set, plus a few extra practice songs to get the sound right and to shake the jitters out.

After everyone was able to get something to eat that night. Christina and I gave out our groomsmen/bridesmaid gifts. After that, Fish with Horn’s were on stage front and center.

This is the small set we played for the 30 people who attended the dinner:

Breakdown by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Magnet & Steel by Walter Egan (Which featured Christina’s youngest sister Casey Barninger singing Stevie Nicks’ part)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen
American Girl by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Then after a quick 5 minute break, we played an encore song
You Got It by Roy Orbison

That performance (which was 1 year ago to the day) completed chapter one of the FwH journey. But I must say, with a bunch of new songs in tow, I’m excited to see when and where chapter two unfolds!


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