My Top 10 KISS Songs


“What is your favorite KISS song?”

I still can’t believe that 1 question could completely alter my life for days at a time. My personal Pandora’s Box ripped open thanks to one Kevin Hallman. The surge of rock & roll power and glory he unleashed by asking is almost overwhelming, but very welcome!

When I think about my frequent KISS marathon jam sessions growing up (I was 12 in 1995 when I started listening), instantaneously, I get a rush. Very good times. I’m emotionally connected to almost all of their albums, so finding the answer to this question is very difficult. Deep down, I know I love too many to anoint a single song, but after Kevin asked me this infamous question, I decided it was time to tackle this giant-sized task.

KISS has 24 studio albums, a fistful of live records, plus other studio recordings that were released along the way that didn’t make it onto an album. And only 10 can officially make the list… See my dilemma? This list could easily be a top 50 rundown.

I’d just like to state that the following songs on this list ARE NOT my opinion of KISS’ best songs, simply my favorite ones. Enjoy!

10. Forever – From Hot In The Shade – Released in 1989

9. She – From Dressed To Kill – Released in 1975

8. Black Diamond – From KISS – Released in 1974

7. Firehouse – From KISS – Released in 1974

6. Rock And Roll All Nite – From Alive! – Released in 1975

For those who don’t know, “Rock And Roll All Nite” was released on KISS’ third studio album Dressed To Kill. Just a personal choice to list the version from Alive!… There were a couple live recordings that almost made the cut – “A World Without Heroes” & “Nothin’ To Lose” off of Unplugged (1995) got serious consideration. Along with “Love Gun” from Alive II (1977).

5. I Stole Your Love – From Love Gun – Released in 1977

4. Detroit Rock City – From Destroyer – Released in 1976

3. Shout It Out Loud – From Destroyer – Released in 1976

2. Love Gun – From Love Gun – Released in 1977

1. Deuce – From KISS – Released in 1974

“Strutter” from KISS, “Parasite” & “Watchin’ You” from Hotter Than Hell (1974) also were songs that were on the list, off the list, on again, then off again.

My list is strong on the 70’s original line-up era, but I will say there some 80’s jams were close to cracking the top 10. And it pains me that I didn’t get anything on the list from Revenge (1992), “Unholy” is a surefire top 20.

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I’m proud to say that I do own KISS’ 2 newest albums – Sonic Boom (2009) & Monster (2012). And that they are filled with great jams. I know most KISS fans have a really strong opinion about Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer replacing Ace Frehley and Peter Criss respectively, but I would strongly urge any KISS fan, hell, any rock and roll fan to grab a copy of each album if they haven’t heard the material yet. Both albums are reminiscent of Rock And Roll Over (1976) in my opinion.

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Please feel free to make your favorite KISS songs known in the comment section! Thanks.


3 thoughts on “My Top 10 KISS Songs

  1. I have to say I have pretty much the same 2-5 on my top 5. We never agree this closely on anything. I like, don’t love “Deuce”, but otherwise I think it’s a great list. My top 11:
    1) Psycho Circus…Top 10 all time song for making you pump your fist and say “Fuck yeah!” *
    2) Love Gun
    3) I Stole Your Love
    4) Detroit Rock City
    5) Shout it Out Loud
    6) Strutter
    7) Journey of 1,000 Years…if someone like the Foo Fighters makes that same song in 1998 it goes number one.
    8) Black Diamond … we agree again…what the heck?
    9) You make me (Rock Hard)…if there are two things I enjoy, it’s jamming out and erections: this song always gets me pumped and is their best unpainted phase jam.
    10) 100,000 years
    11) God Gave Rock ‘n Roll II You…they tried to take credit but the Wyld Stallyns really wrote it.

    *A “Fuck Yeah!” song countdown would make a great blog post. Hint hint.

    1. I remember jamming to Psycho Circus down at Chowan and you loving it. No surprise it tops your list, but I was caught off guard with no “Into The Void”.

      I few others post 70’s jams I wanted to try and cram on to the list would be Creatures Of The Night, Lick It Up, God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll To You II, and Within.

      I think you should check out their 2 newest albums – Sonic Boom and Monster. I believe I can honestly say as albums they are both better than the Psycho Circus album.

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