Whirlwinds & Zombies

Man, craziness going down with me lately. Losing job (Blue Ridge), filling in at a job (RVD), filing for unemployment, then finding a job (FedEx). I'm hoping the FedEx gig can/will be a longer term solution. But only time will time if I get retained after the Christmas season package delivering madness. Throw in Mackenzie's... Continue Reading →


Revisiting The Cheesesteak Scale

A long time ago, as for many youths that just don't know any better, things were very black and white for me. Right or wrong. Love it or hate it. If it wasn't one thing it HAD to be the other. There was one exception however... When I decided to implement the Mr. Joe's cheesesteak... Continue Reading →

Arrow Season 5 Is Here

Tonight, Arrow returns with the season 5 premiere! In an earlier Arrow related post, I did call out the Arrow writers for leaving the show in a state that was a shell of its former greatness. So I'm beyond ready for the premiere tonight to not only wow, but leave me wanting more more more!... Continue Reading →

Resolution Update

Well, well, well... here we are in September 2016 already as the summer just flew by. For those who aren't aware, I made a New Year's Resolution to beat my brother Brian in golf this year. So far, it hasn't happened... I've played 11 rounds this summer (12 if you count the Beer Man Open... Continue Reading →

MHB’s 2016 QB Tiers

It's that time of year. The time when every armchair QB and fantasy football manager proclaim who the best NFL quarterback is heading into the new season. Here on MHB, we decided to join in on this ever interesting and always changing listing of NFL QB's. Instead of doing a top 5 or top 10,... Continue Reading →

A Four Face Reflection

Who could have guessed it? Almost 5 years down the road and my blog is still active and awesome. I wouldn't have, that's for sure. Not only is the blog still going strong, but this very post is the 300th post on MHB. (Yay me!) Part of me feels like I should shout "This is... Continue Reading →

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